What I can do for you:

As a Life Coach its my job to listen, support, and educate my clients to empower them to make positive changes in their lives that assist them in meeting their needs, achieving their goals, and reaching their full potential.

Life Coaching: 

I offer life coaching programs where I 

work with individuals youth and families to provide the 

attention they desire and the quality time they need. These 

programs provide real life support for people in a way that traditional programs with 

limited resources can’t. My goal is to make a difference so that no one will “slip through 

the cracks” of the system .

I am dedicated to making a difference on an individual basis. 

I am here to provide people with the help they need to effect positive 

changes in their own lives through a process of active listening, goal setting, action 

planning, education, referral, advocacy and follow up.  

My services include Life Coaching, College & Career Counseling, educational 

workshops, mentoring, spiritual counseling, support & guidance.


* College & Career Counseling
* Goal Setting & Prioritizing
* Coping Skills
*Stress Reduction 
* Employment assistance 
* Life Transitions (jobs, retirement, graduation, etc)
* Life Skills Education
* Academic & educational support
* Social Services referrals 
* Family Support 
* Obtaining government assistance
* Youth Mentoring
* Spiritual Counseling & guidance 


  • Put your past behind you and prepare to succeed in your future
    Put your past behind you and prepare to succeed in your future
  • Life Skills
    Life Skills
  • Employment Assistance
    Employment Assistance
Put your past behind you and prepare to succeed in your future
Put your past behind you and prepare to succeed in your future

Do you or a member of your family need help?

  • Free No Obligation First Session
  • Pay rates you can afford on a sliding scale
  • Sessions available in your home, email, text, or Skype
  • Flexible night & weekend hours where we come to you
  • Free online resources

Finding you the Help you need: 

I will assist youth, families, and individuals in obtaining and 

applying for social services including but not limited to food 

stamps, unemployment, and mental health services. 

Once I help people to obtain these services I will 

then coordinate these services for people so that they have all 

the help they need to make their lives better. 

Essentially I help to put all the pieces of the puzzle together 

strengthen individuals & families.

(**I DO NOT DIRECTLY provide ANY social services ourselves.)  I simply act to inform and educate people on the services that are already available to them through professional organizations, social service providers, non-profits, and government agencies.  

******I do NOT  provide professional counseling, psycho-therapeutic, mental health, behavioral, or social services.  We are not professional counselors, or social service workers.  Those who are in need of such services should contact a professional.  We will gladly provide referrals to those programs. ********


How I help you:


My Life Coaching is a goal based system that helps people meet their current needs and achieve future goals. The most important thing I do is simply listen and care. I help people to develop a plan to change their life for the better and encourage them as they seek to do it. The results, and success are up to each person. Contact me today and speak with a support specialist to set up an appointment for a free consultation or to enroll in a future class.


Coming Soon: Education Programs 

In the future I will offer educational workshops that teach the life skills necessary to overcome difficulties and succeed in life. Its all about enabling people to take control of their own lives and empowering them to improve their own circumstances. I will offer these classes online, by invitation of other agencies at their location, and in public forums. My workshops and classes will teach people what they need to know in order to change, and give them tools to do it.

My educational programs promote strong interpersonal skills and self worth that reassert a sense of hope in the future . My classes will instill a sense of individual responsibility that will give each person the commitment to follow through with a sense of pride and accomplishment having been taught the life skills necessary to improve their own situation.



Coming Soon:

Need to teach your clients life skills or train your employees?  Let mdo it for you see out services section for a full list of classes and workshops.

I will conduct classes are at your location with special rates for:

  • Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Social Service providers
  • Businesses
  • Government agencies